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Ideal Protein

We offer a variety of instant, easy-to-prepare, and ready-to-eat products. Visit the Ideal Protein Web site.

Walden Farms

No fat, no sugar, no gluten, no carbohydrates: these products have 0 calories. They are made with natural…


Naturalia is a line of high-quality natural and paramedical products.

Renaissance Glove

The Renaissance Glove is an ancestral exfoliation technique that continuously improves the look of skin…


Oxygen Botanicals™ are the perfect post-treatment choice, as they help with cell regeneration, scarring…


The ultra-active RVB cream is designed to stimulate micro-circulation at the skin’s surface.

Colour Science

Colour Science is an exclusive line of products made from high-quality minerals.


The organic cream is particularly recommended between hair removal sessions…


Drainaflore is a complete depurative cure that deeply cleans your body…