Microdermabrasion: Telling Fact from Fiction

by admincentre on June 22, 2015

From Its Pain Factor to Its Use as a Cellulite Treatment, Know the Facts about MDB

microdermabrasionEven in the information age, rumours, myths, and misinformation can all spread faster than the truth on any given day. When separating fact from fiction on the benefits of different skin care products and procedures, it is important to look to professional sources. Take microdermabrasion, or MDB, for example. This exfoliation technique is performed at many skincare and beauty clinics by trained professionals and is used to rejuvenate the skin and provide cellulite treatment, among other things. Below are common myths about MDB that we hear on a regular basis, and the truths behind each one.

Microdermabrasion is Painful and Recovery Is Long

Most patients who’ve had MDB treatment would not describe it as painful. In fact, more often than not patients describe it as a mildly pleasant experience – a soft scratching sensation, followed by a gentle vibrating massage. This is because the process is non-invasive. The exfoliators only affect the buildup of dead skin cells and other debris on the top layer of your skin, scrubbing away the stuff you don’t want to leave behind the skin you do.

And because the procedure is non-invasive, it is both over quickly and results in no downtime. You can literally return to your daily routine as soon as you leave the clinic! You may experience some pinkness in the treated area, but within a few short hours your skin will look better than ever.

It’s a Miracle Stretch Mark and Cellulite Treatment

This myth is a half-truth, but for the sake of accuracy, it should be addressed and cleared up. Stretch marks and cellulite are both conditions of the skin that reach into the deeper layers, whereas MDB is a treatment that chiefly affects the outermost layers of skin. For best results, it’s recommended to use microdermabrasion in concert with other techniques to create a well-rounded stretchmark or cellulite treatment that works from the deepest layers of the skin all the way to the surface.

You Can Get the Same Results at Home

There are a lot of ways that you can exfoliate your skin at home, but none that will give you the same results as MDB. This is because microdermabrasion is a very specialized treatment performed by a professional who has been trained to get the best possible results for every patient, regardless of skin type. Alternatively, home exfoliation scrubs can be damaging if misused, especially since many contain inconsistent granular pieces which can scratch and cut the skin. It also does more than just exfoliate; a controlled suction process is used to trigger your body into producing new collagen and elastin, which in turn add smoothness, firmness, and elasticity to your skin.

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